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There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it's going to be a butterfly
with Aernoudt Jacobs
Koorstraat 32, 1070 Brussels, Belgium
25 november 2016, doors 20h30

A short performance with copper wires, coils, magnets and either a flexible bag or tin cans.

Heliofoon / Heliophone
group exhibition
Wheather or not
with Niels Bakkerus, David Bowen, Commonplace Studio, Aernoudt Jacobs, Esther Kokmeijer, Martijn Koomen, Aliki van der Kruijs, Jelle Mastenbroek, Alistair McClymont, Gideon Mendel, Berndnaut Smilde, Rob Sweere, Prof. Paolo Di Trapani/Coelux en Rihards Vitols.
MU Gallery
Torenallee 40-06 (Strijp-S), Eindhoven, The Netherlands
1st july > 30 september

Heliofoon / Heliophone
website creation and sound measurements in collaboration with KU L
WEB / Publication
During the fillowing months a dedicated website will be developed, and more information will be made available. We are finalizing the manuscript article: Converting sunlight into audible sound by means of photoacoustic effects: the Heliophone
WTC tower I terrace +3
15 april > 15 june 2016

group exhibition
Sound of Silence
Sounding City
15 april > 01 may 2016

Tracing backwards
solo exhibition
Soundseeing VI
with live performances on the opening
Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst
Klosterstrasse 10, Horstel, Germany
6 march > 24 april 2016

A retrospective exhibition bringing old and new work together.

group exhibition
coproduced by Le Bon Acceuill, Interstice and Overtoon
Le bon Acceuil
74, canal Saint-Martin, 35700 Rennes, France
16 oct > 21 nov 2015

This exhibition offers to discover Overtoon a platform for research, production and distribution of sound art and media art based in brussels through the works of Flemish artists Aernoudt Jacobs and Jeroen Uyttendaele.
Visceral and compelling for Vonkveld 3 ( Sparks fields), aerial and subtle for Induction Series # 4 based on electromagnetism, this two sound and sculptural installations combine technology and ingenuity and have in common to use electricity as an artistic medium.

Fieldrecordings and applications
University of Agder
Kristiansand, Norway
21 oct > 24 oct 2015

In the frame of the exhibition 'Once also this was a mutation'. The workshop deals with methods for recording in the field and creating ways to diffuse those recordings throug the installation 'Phantom Melodies'. The workshop is focussed on hands-on experiences.

Heliofoon / Heliophone
solo exhibition
Listen to the sound of... the sun.

On the occasion of the first public presentation of Heliophone , a collection of objects and design principles of Jacobs based on the photo-acoustic principle is presented in the STUK Verbeeckzaal. Operational prototypes functioning with laser or LED lights, stand next to a DIY chopper and a selection of parabolic mirrors. Jacobs sheds light on the different design components; from lenses and choppers to photo-acoustic cells and horns in different materials and sizes. Plans and drawings further clarify the thought processes and design decisions made.
Verbeeckzaal & roof
Naamsestraat 96, Leuven, Belgium
23 september > 15 octobre 2015

Symposium focusing on art and science, on October 1, 2015, 20h00 > click here

Once also this was a mutation
solo exhibition
with live performances by Nils Chr. Moe Repstad, Marcus Schmickler and Espen Reinertsen during the PUNKT festival
Kristiansand Kunsthall
Radhusgaten 11, 4th floor, 4611 Kristiansand, Norway
3 september > 25 oktober 2015

Ear To The Ground
De Bijloke
De Bijloke, Bibliotheek van het Anatomisch Instituut
9 may > 24 may 2015

Induction Series #4.1
Festival and group exhibition
Interstice 10
La Fermeture Eclaire
Festival Interstice, Caen
28 april > 16 may 2015

group exhibition
Aandacht ! Aandacht !
De Warande (ihkv STORMOPKOMST)
de Warande, Warandestraat 42, 2300 Turnhout
25 march > 24 may 2015

Color of Noise
Group exhibition with Evelina Dimnitch, Dmitri Gelfand, Aernoudt Jacobs, Yunchul Kim and Roman Kirschner
Im Ersten
Im Ersten, Sonnenfelsgasse 3, 1010 Vienna
28 jan > 14 feb 2015

Color Of Noise is the result of Aernoudts research into electroactive polymers and other meta-materials in collaboration with EMPA (Zurich) and Liquid Things (University of Applied Arts in Vienna)

As yet untitled
research project
Liquid Things / EMPA / OVERTOON
different locations

Aernoudt Jacobs is researching electroactive polymers and other metamaterials in collaboration with EMPA (Zurich) and Liquid Things (University of Applied Arts in Vienna) . Initially Jacobs wants to conduct an investigation into a speaker that can take different shapes and can act simultaneously as an artificial sound filter. Electroactive polymers are materials that change shape as it gets supplied with electricity, and are also referred to as artificial muscles. The following months Aernoudt is doing different research sessions at EMPA and Liquid Things.

Currently in development:

Induction Series #6
Solo Exhibition at DA Gravenhorst
Field Recordist Tools

Compositions with forthcoming release:

playground g (with Julia Eckhardt / Anne Wellmer)