Site specific installation

comissioned by bna-bbot & maiis
Location: Brussels Central Station


1.  collected by bna-bbot consisting of various interviews of people and ‘their’ city

2. realtime recording & diffusion of onsite sounds with a  microphone setup

One of the main ideas is to mix these different soundmaterials in realtime and in close relationship with site-specific elements (ie. circulation, volatilty, hastiness, public space, …)

Because the Brussels Central station functions as a main circulation area, I want to project the sounds simultaneously at different locations in the station.

This idea, of the sound being projected in the whole station, will maximize the impact and the ‘mobile’ presence of this installation greatly. It is therefor very important because it’s a part of the concept of this work.

Another aspect of the installation is to let the public space, the spectator, and the traveler take part in the installation. We want to install an additional speaker setup at the ‘big stairs’ located in the main hall of the station. This setup will be connected to microphones that will capture the environmental sounds of the space and people passing by. This will give a continuous aural snapshot of this public space.

8 small active speakers were mounted at the handrails of the stairs. One parabolic microphone was placed in the station. There was also a marked spot were people could talk in the direction of the microphone an thus interact with the installation.

A constant loop of the collected interviews was played back continiously.