stare case

Site specific installation in collaboration with Alexandra Dementieva

CCNOA - Brussels

This installation was placed in the the upper part of the staircase at the entrance of the exhibition space. Shadows of previous exhibition opening are projected on the wall in face of staircase.

The sound environment is created out of a collection of field recordings from the CCNOA space during a previous exhibition and various field recordings from nature. The sounds are transmitted both with regular speakers and small selfmade speakerphones. The small speakerphones are attached on the wall with long wires that gives the possibility to spectators to take them and listen.

This sound environment is a two-channel work. The main idea is to transmit two totally different layers of sounds.

The first and global layer created the illusion of a crowdy exhibition opening. The second layer were sounds that had nothing to do with the exhibition space and were sounds of nature (a sea scenery; wind, water, seagulls, ...) This layer could only be perceived when being upstairs in the actual space.