Induction series #2 : windhuis
outdoor installation 2012

Concept : Aernoudt Jacobs
Production : Overtoon

The induction series started as a framework for a research about electromagnetic induction. The series revisits the laws of electromagnetic induction to produce sounds in different ways. The output of the research is a series of fragile kinetic sound installations that question if sounds can be reduced to formal objects. They look for the potential resonance of objects. The works emphasizes on the transition between visual and audible. What you will see and hear will form the trajectory of your perception. I developed three installations on the same theme of induction.

The installation 'Wind Huis' was commissioned for the outdoor exhibition parcours 'Efemeer - Ephemeral'. 'Efemeer - Ephemeral' is an exhibition with the Leiestreek as the origin and the sum of all its contributions. The exhibition is ephemeral (and transient) but also the contributions / artworks will be. Ephemeral implies a certain immateriality. Of interest is nature and the natural elements, whether or not linked: water, earth, air, fire, light, smell, sound, in short, everything the visitor in the Leiestreek landscape experience.
'Wind Huis' was placed on the shore of the river. The installation comprises of a glass house with inside several audial objects hanging onto a vibrating string.
With the use of electro-magnetic inductance principles, sounds from the outside environment (pre-recorded sounds of blowing wind, water and chirping birds) are fed into the string which causes the string to vibrate. This mechanical vibration causes the sounds to travel along the string and to be transferred into different objects like tin cans, thin silver leaves, glass objects and cardboard boxes. The resulting sonic and vibratory motion of the objects caused them to resonate like a speaker. The objects come to live with the environmental sounds of wind and water. It gave sound, very momentarily, a physical and visual residue.